It is true that prior to independence and sometime after independence, the condition of Urdu was quite strong, but presently the number of Urdu knowing persons is continuously decreasing. If the major cause of this pitiful condition of Urdu is investigated, it becomes quite clear that after 50 years of independence Urdu could not become the language of Mass Communication. Whereas, during this period Hindi and English journalism have sufficiently developed and have also got world level status but unfortunately sufficient attention has not been paid to Urdu Journalism. It will only be called as a crisis for Urdu language that the major portion of the reading material which is published in Urdu magazines and newspaper is provided from the translation of the articles and news of English and Hindi newspapers.

 Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Talimi Board, Lucknow (under the Department of Minorities Welfare & Waqf, Government of UP) will be holding one-year Urdu Journalism Correspondence Course.

Eligibility, Fee etc: Minimum educational qualification for joining this course is that a candidate should have passed 12th class or its equivalent, with Urdu as a subject, or Aalim or Kamil qualified from UP Madrasa Talimi Board. Students reading in 12th class with Urdu as a subject (but whose results have not yet been announced) can also apply for admission in this course. Total fee of the entire course if Rs. 4824/- only payable in two equal installments.

In this one-year course there will be two semesters of six months each. There will be two contact training programmes of 10 days each in Lucknow for thiwch no extra fee will be charged. Registration fee for this course will be Rs. 100 in the form of Bank Draft (Crossed) drawn in favour of Registrar, Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Talimi Board, Lucknow on receipt of which Syllabus, Prospectus and printed Application Form will be sent to the prospective candidate by post. First session of the course will start from July 2009, date and other details of which will be mentioned in the Prospectus. Application along with hundred rupees Bank Draft for Prospectus, Syllabus etc should be sent at the following address:

UP Madrasa Talimi Board (Dept. of Minorities Welfare & Waqf)
704, Jawahar Bhavan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow-226001, UP
Website: www.upmsp.org

Ph/Fax: 0522-2288805, 2288826


What Is Madrasa?

madarsha boardAs a center for learning and higher education, the madrasah originally focused on learning about Islam, memorizing Islamic texts and preparation for a life devoted to religious scholarship. Today, madrasahs balance religious education with the study of secular subjects. However, the curriculum in madrasahs depends on the location of the school. For example, madrasahs in Western countries are more likely to promote math and other subjects than their non-Western counterparts. LOCATION Madrasahs are located throughout the world in cities large and small. In Western countries, madrasahs serve as a place for Muslims to come together and bond. In non-Western countries, madrasahs are the cornerstone for education, and aid impoverished families seeking an education, food and housing for their children.

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